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Today is the day of the theme reveal for the A to Z challenge. My theme was still up in the air till an hour ago; I had thought of at least 5 different topics to write on and even made those lists with the alphabets to find as many ideas as I can for each of the themes I thought of. I was not too happy with any of them. But getting up and working on it in this early morning quite just put everything in order.

I now realize that I was so busy with other things and my son being on his term end break that I have let things slide. Not anymore. I have decided to get out of my comfort zone and shake things up a bit so I will be doing my A to Z on a theme I love but I dread too. Yes, it is easy to read, fun to discuss and with so, so many variations!!




I will be doing my posts on FICTION!!

Feelings and Fiction.

All the posts will be just 100 words, no less, no more. Easy to read, long enough to express what I want to say and short enough to read and enjoy.

As I sat and wrote this post, visited a few theme reveals I began to figure it out.Β  Was getting too serious about this, it is important but I was taking the fun out of it. Β So I relaxed and just went with what I felt would be a comfortable topic for me to write fiction on.

So no surprises here as I reveal the topics in advance. Each day the post will go live under these links.

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Here are the feelings I explore!



























Do you like them? Let me know if you have any ideas to spice this up?

Here is the badge to go with this year’s theme. It is quite cluttered, over the top and a bit too full, isn’t it? Well, so is life and our feelings and emotions and I think this badge reflects that perfectly. Tell me what do you think?

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  1. Lata Sunil

    Inderpreet, thats interesting theme. I love your badge too. I was as undecided till an hour back. But hey, lets enjoy this.

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  2. kalaravi16

    Wow Indy! You have it all neatly crafted out in your mind I see! I love fiction and am tempted to jump in too! All the very best for April…be seeing you then!

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  3. vishalbheeroo

    WoW! Inderpreet, that’s what I call being disciplined. Best for challenge and see you on the other side in April. I am not declaring the theme this time and will jump straight on:)

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  4. Shilpa Garg

    You are all sorted for the challenge, Inderpreet! Looking forward to read your 100 word stories this April. Cheers πŸ™‚

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  5. Tarkabarka

    I love these types of challenges! πŸ™‚ Writing emotions well is a challenge in itself. Congrats on the theme, see you in April! πŸ™‚

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  6. Nilanjana Bose

    Great theme. And well done on keeping the posts to 100. Good luck with the challenge.

    Best wishes.

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  7. Geets

    Oh my God! Looks like you and me were, are and will be sailing on the same boat! I too was juggling up with the idea of the theme and came up with a theme similar to yours.. And this is not it Inder, I too have put a word limit on it!
    Let’s explore the world of feelings and emotions πŸ™‚

    All the best πŸ™‚


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      I agree, last year I did Amazing Indian Authors and it took a lot of planning but still I was lagging behind. Hope to sort it this time. Thank you so much

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  9. randommusings29

    I think you settled on a great choice! I am doing 100 word limits too – it’s hard for me because I am quite wordy but I think it will be worth it! See you in April πŸ™‚

  10. NV Rivera

    This is such a great theme. I also love that you are keeping yourself to 100 words. That is such a challenge, but ensures you bring your best stuff to the post. Good luck! I look forward to checking in next month.

  11. the little princess

    Oh my! you have everything sorted out already!! It’s a great theme, look forward to reading them all!

  12. jlennidorner

    J here, stopping by from the #atozchallenge – where I am part of Arlee Bird’s A to Z Ambassador Team.
    Excellent choice for an A to Z challenge theme. Good job. My theme is the craft of fiction writing. Tips, lessons, and prompts from various writing reference books. I follow it up with a sample of my work.
    Your theme is awesome and I look forward to checking out the posts.
    April should be exciting. I’m looking forward to the event. Best of luck to us both on meeting our goals of posting and hopping to other blogs.
    My blog has a giveaway. There’s a bonus a to z challenge each day to encourage people to visit more stops.
    I’ve followed your listed social media.

  13. SpookyMrsGreen

    Hello, just stopping by to introduce myself for the #AtoZChallenge. I’m SpookyMrsGreen at no 121. Emotions play a big part in my writing expression, so I think your blog challenge theme is very apt. Look forward to it! πŸ™‚

  14. Jazminn

    This sounds really fun!
    I had a similar experience when trying to narrow down my theme! I was taking it too seriously.
    I love flash fiction, flash writing, I do a lot of it on my blog as well.

    I’ll definitely be coming back to see what you come up with.

    Under Jazminn Skyes

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