He Fixed the Match, She Fixed Him by Shikha Kumar


I picked this book as well as the authors just released new book “Logically Stupid, that’s Love” at a book event which I had attended since I was quite impressed by the author and her ideas. With no expectations and a plan to just check out ‘a few pages’ of the book I started reading and two hours later I was still reading! Getting this review done was another matter, things kept coming up and here it is after a lot of delay.

The story was what hooked me instantly and the pace of the book kept me glued. It is well paced and moves fast. Also it is a reflection of our times and youth so it was fun to read. It could almost be a story about a couple of my friends.


Meeting Shikha & her Books

The story is told from the point of view of both the protagonists Shreya and Kunal. Both are well established, professionals who know what they want from life. Smart, good looking, handsome, self assured Kunal is the perfect guy. Shreya, a bit shy, pretty, kind and loving is the ideal girl; working woman, balancing her worlds perfectly – a bit too perfect at times and a good daughter in law too.

I found the cover different yet not quite there, the caricatures could have been better, the girl wearing an Indian outfit or a dress and not a ball gown. But this is my personal opinion as I see it while matching it to the story line. The hearts, the things around them convey the context of the story.

The mysterious behavior of Kunal, the acceptance by Shreya and her family the changes married life brings; compromises and balancing both work and home- all this finds a voice in this book. Not that Shreya is a walk over – far from it. She gives as good as she gets!



The need and insistence of Kunal that Shreya get the laser eye surgery done before marriage was an issue with me but I agree with the reason that the author mentioned it. The hero was very concerned about her but still I find to be a prejudice. It has happened with people I know and some even got it done in hurried secrecy just days before the marriage. Sadly, I find this a regressive mentality in people who feel glasses hinder a married life in any way. Yet, I know people do not mention glasses while looking for a Groom. Parents feel this pressure.

It is a light hearted story with story full of twists, I was surprised at the ending and how the issue between the two was finally solved. I do not want to give away the surprise but I had been wondering for half the book that how did the find each other in the first place. Such a twisted tale Shikha has woven. The pranks, the strength and guts of both Kunal and Shreya make for a well paced read. A fun read to brighten up your day. I really enjoyed reading this book with its different story and young, go getter characters.


(©I bought a copy of the book, this is my honest review.)



He Fixed The Match She Fixed Him

by Shikha Kumar






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