Facing The Music #FlashFiction

Just as Rajat broke into a run he realized that all his last minute of frantic activity had not done him a fat lot of good. In fact as far as he could see, he was in a lot of trouble. He ran as fast as he could, already late by a few minutes, he surly had lost his chance to make a good first impression.  He rushed into the auditorium just as his name was called. “Lucky break,” he thought.

It was finally time to face the music; literally as he turned towards the orchestra and took a deep breath. He had been a jerk last night when he was bragging about his skills and the amazing tenor his voice had. Sitting with a few known and few unknown faces he had just gone a little over the top. He had been upset about a snide remark from one of the hotshot media guys about every one wanting to a singer and trying to ape the maestros. He had done a wager then, “promising never to sing again if the judges did not qualify him for the Music Competition he had come to participate in”.

These were his fifteen minutes of fame; last night had brought him here, standing with butterflies in his stomach and clammy palms shaking just a tiny bit. His body felt like jelly in spite of all the exertion he had done yet he stood up taller, looked at the musicians and with a slight nod began to sing. This song would be his famous last words he thought and then there was music all around. There were not thoughts, no self doubt, and no hesitation. Just like a flick of a switch he was far from the madding crowd and it was just the melody and his words as he sang from his heart. His unquiet mind forgotten, the world ignored and harmony all around him.

As he finished his song and slowly opened his eyes to the pin drop silence, the butterflies returned with renewed force, almost causing him physical pain. Then suddenly he heard a clap and saw the judges stand up in tandem.

The clapping continued and echoed of the auditorium walls and he sat down on his knees and embraced the music floating back into his soul.

Written for the Phrase Prompt of #WordyWednesday
Fat lot of good
Famous last words
Face the music
Far from the madding crowd
Fifteen minutes of  fame



  1. Vishal Bheeroo

    The description is amazing and the anxiety pang you brought into the character is effortless. A sublime story.

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