Gauri carefully laid out the samples of fabric, in the order she wanted him to consider them. She knew his choice pretty well but still wanted him to consider all the options. She took care with the samples, designs and lists prepared as she set them down. Everything had to be perfect; just the way she preferred to discuss the project in detail and the Elaborateideas she had in mind.
Just as she added the final touches to her table and took a final around, a knock sounded on the door. Firm, decisive and not too loud as to jar her ears, she instantly recognized that it was Om and politely replied, ‘Come in’ as she rounded off behind her desk. She wanted to look and feel as professional as possible. Om had the knack of making her restless; he was an Enigma for her even though she knew him from her MBA days. They were never close but moved in the same circles, had a bunch of common friends even met on many social occasions.
This was her first professional assignment with him or rather his Khanna Industries. She cleared her throat and just in time to be swept up by the Energy that was flowing into the room with Om. He was tall, really tall but well built, strong not too muscular but fit and had a killer smile and like always she felt her knees go weak when she faced the same open, genuine smile. Not only his smile but his physical presence both scared and excited her. She always felt unsure of what he wanted from her, as if he was testing her, tried to find her weakness or read her mind.
He was always kind, polite and courteous so she had no reason to feel all of this but it was the unsaid things, his body language that made her wary each time they met. She held the edge of her table and smiled back, wishing him a good afternoon and asking him to sit, she too sat. Immediately she started to tell him that she had prepared a few ideas for the offices he had asked her to furnish and design. He heard her and smiled; confused by the response she stopped and asked, ‘What is it? Did I say something funny?’
His smile widened, she stared in to his eyes and wondered at the endless depths, bright, midnight black and hiding a million secrets. ‘No, but I thought we don’t have to be so formal, you could ask about me first, my day, why rush into work?’
‘I just thought you would not like to waste time, you are a busy man.’ She replied.

‘Not too busy that I cannot ask how you are doing? How is your family, is your dad better now? I may be a big shot but not for the people I care’, he replied.
He cared! She was surprised since she thought he barely registered her when they were in the same room. ‘My parents are fine; dad is much better and should be moving around in a few days, he is going stir crazy sitting at home.’ She replied.

They both laughed at that, she wondered why he was being Extra sweet to her today. Was it because of her work or something else? Then she suddenly stopped laughing and began fiddling with the papers as the totally inappropriate thought came to her mind, was he flirting with her?

Silly idea, she thought and pointed to the samples in front of him. ‘Let’s get to work.’
‘Yeah! Let’s do it.’ He replied and she could still see the smile in his eyes.

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