Navratan Hoops

How often had I heard this from friends, strangers and celebrities! Even ordinary people, each had an incident to share, a story to tell and here I was with nothing. “Something that changed my life”, always drew a blank from me when I thought of any life altering incident for myself.

What was it that I could call my own? Here I was, a smart, intelligent, pretty and sweet girl – as told by my friends and family. Yet I struggled to be anything but ordinary. All I saw in the mirror was a plain Jane; a boring girl who was too nice to be ever really heard or seen.

My family too seems to dote on me, thinking I was the perfect daughter. The wonderful little girl who has become a gracious lady and that brought more turmoil in my life. The life I saw myself living was of a vocal, opinionated, passionate woman. One who knew her mind and followed her passion and dreams. But all I saw when I looked into the mirror was an average girl who just blended where she stood; ignored by friends, overlooked by colleagues and missed by “Something that changed my life.”

All days are the same; it is just the incidents that change. Today was just as same as the previous day till the afternoon I stepped out of the house to grab a few things from the mall. Shopping always made me feel good, even better if I actually had something to buy.

I went into my favorite store and was looking for some earrings for a birthday present for a friend. I had just picked an earring in white gold with emeralds when I saw a pair of hoops lined with navratan (nine types) gems. They were dazzling as they sparkled in the corner of the display. “Enchanted”, my hand stopped midway as I was stared at them longingly; as if I had found a hidden piece of myself. Something that I always thought was missing from my life but never knew what…

As I asked for the hoops, the attendant hesitated for a sec, asking to clarify which one I wanted. I smiled and pointed them out, eagerly putting my hand out for them. He laid them out on the velvet tray instead, careful not to touch them but picking up the tag and reading out the details of the gems and price. I waived away the details and picked up the earring in my hand. The hoops seem to pulse and sparkle even brighter as I touched them.

Eager to try them out, I wore one and as I saw myself in the mirror I was surprised! I saw the girl I always wanted me to be. There she stood, smiling at me and her thoughts echoed in my mind, ‘smile dear, your confidence has returned.’

I immediately wore the other earring and smiled at the attendant, asking for them to be billed. He hesitated, asking me to see more options, better than the one I had chosen. Greedy guy, I thought, he wants more commission. Quickly I paid for them and the gift for my friend as I walked out of the store. I could feel the appreciative gaze of the men around and the admiring glances of the females; all of them envious to be with me or to be like me. Head held high, swaying to the thrum of energy I felt, I stepped on the escalator.
The next thing I remember is flying……..

Yes, something that changed my life. I see my twisted body lying on the floor three stories down but I am still enchanted by the glittering, sparkling Navratan Hoops.

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This post is for the It’s a Word Prompt, ENCHANTED that’s been shared by B-A-R member, writer and blogger,Suzy who blogs hereand the Daily Prompt “something that changed my life”.

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