The Laptop Ruined It!

What even we might do, sometimes it is not enough. I have been using my phone as much as possible to cope with the temperamental tantrums my #DellLaptop has been showing.
My writing has been very inconsistent since the past one month and though much of it had to do with the fabulous trip I took to Leh and Durbuk. Another major factor has been my laptop. The trip was wonderful, lost of amazing, beautiful vistas and the a total break from the humdrum of the city life. It was a true “in the lap of Mother Nature” visit. And an amazing loot of shopping too!
Yes, it has been unwell and the hard disks have been failing. A fortnight ago I had got it repaired but last night it had another setback and now it is ready to die any minute even as I type this post. This month of October has been a test of my patience and this just might be the final blow.
Even as I preach patience, calm and appreciating the positive side of things, I am unable to find any of it right now! I can’t believe it that yet again I may have to start afresh with my laptop and again download all the software and other good things I have done to personalize my laptop. It takes so much time to do it all over again! And don’t even ask about all the ‘Windows Updates’ needed.
The sad part is that not only does it ruin my schedule and routine but also puts a big setback to my work, the editing & beta reading too. Not only did I lug this laptop with me during my holidays since I find writing on the keyboard way easier than paper but also have been so particular of taking good care of it.
Best software, good antivirus and gentle handling. Then why? Why me?  Technology is something that has a mind of its own and I am at the deep end. Send me your positive vibes and I hope this issue gets sorted soon.
Yes, I can’t believe it! Twice in a month!! My trusty Laptop has died on me…….
This Week: Sentence Prompt

I can’t believe it!

This week’s prompt comes from B-A-R member, writer and blogger,
Vinitha Dileep who blogs here

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