#SnailMailChallenge – A Connection Of The Heart

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A plan by God Mother to add some spice to our blogging schedules and to make it fun for us led to me signing up for the #SnailMailChallenge. I am the last person to sign up for anything extra than routine blogging and even manage to miss the easiest of prompts so this was good. I know I was interested and serious about completing this challenge in spite of just having shifted to a new city.

New place, new changes and challenges all made it a bit of a juggle to get my letter off on time. The truth is I was spurred by the arrival of my own snail mail from the very talented and sweet Sunila Vig. I was moving out for some work and just peeked into the mail box and there it was! A white envelope with a foreign postmark all the way from Australia!

I quickly kept the letter in my bag without opening it to read when I got back hope. But not before I posted a picture on the BAR. Such an exciting time! I wanted to read it when I had time to savour it. Little did I know it would be late night before I got the time? Never again would I delay reading a letter!! I have learnt my lesson!! Sunila had written a beautiful detailed letter about her life and family in Australia. The letter pad had a beautiful quote and I share it with you.

It was a wonderful feeling to read a letter after ages; last I had exchanged letters with a friend when I was in school! Though I do write letters occasionally but they are not like those lengthy monologues I wrote earlier. My own letter was a bit dull, I could not find a letter pad – the designer, colour flowery kind even after checking in 6 shops. I was so disappointed that people are not writing letters any more.

I finally used a regular writing pad and my letter was to Eloquent Mind. I found it so interesting that I was sending a letter to a blogger who had a similar name to my blog.  I checked  my mail and found that she was moving but not really so I wrote a letter clicked it and then mailed her the images. Then I waited and got worried as I got no response. Had I not sent it across properly? So finally I messaged her and realised that she was waiting for a snail mail and there was some confusion.

So I told her I would send a letter asap. I wrote another page adding a little bit as I wanted add a tiny surprise since she had already read the letter. I thought this confusion needed to finish and was so happy when I finally mailed the letter. I wrote as best I could and realised that years of not writing had not done any favours to my handwriting.

Still with all the errors and scribbling I managed to write and shard about myself, my family and hoped that we can make this letter writing a regular affair. I also replied to Sunila’s letter as I felt a few instant messages will not do justice to these mails.

Writing these letters made me stop and think unlike what we do when we fire off an email. A letter gives time to think and decide what we want to write. The paper also lets us rethink our words as we re-read them before sending.

It is a liberating and learning experience to see your words in your own handwriting! Here is to the #SnailMailChallenge and letters and friendship that endure.

Have you ever written or received a letter – the paper kind ?
What do you make of it?

I have also used the Week#2: Phrase Prompt Never Again
This week’s prompt comes from B-A-R member, writer and blogger,
Carol Graham who blogs here
Write a minimum of 100 words on the prompt.
Make it work for you.

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