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The summer holidays are in full swing as I write this, taking time from the usual late sleepy cozy morning that are a part of the holidays. The mornings are a welcome respite and with a six year old to entertain the whole day I really have to push my maternal instincts and creative limits.

So when I read about the Indiblogger and Oyo Rooms challenge and the chance to review one of their hotels / properties in Gurgaon, needless to say I was interested. There is only so much truck painting and Lego parties that I can sustain!

The address was spot on!

As the morning dawned, I started making preparations of how I was going to manage my kid so off he went to the grandparents! Next I checked my sunscreen, shades and car. Yes, they had assigned us a list of tasks to do so I knew I had to move around. I quickly typed the address and Google maps flawlessly got me to the 37, Sirius road on time for #oyorooms . I even found my deserted stretch of road here too, a bit for a few seconds!

First view #OyoRooms

I went in and was immediately welcomed at the reception and asked to fill the check in form. The staff was expecting me and was immediately showed to my room even though I was a bit early so no waiting, no sitting in the pretty lobby. It almost like a homestay with the friendly staff and prompt response to queries.

 Since there was still time before our briefing by Natasha Khurana from Oyo Rooms, I decided to have a good look about the room.  I was at a blogging event for the first time so I was super excited. Soon Nikita briefed us for our tasks and gave us our gifts, I call them ‘summer support’ – a sipper, an umbrella, a cap  and a dossier with all the details and the 15 tasks we had to do plus a cool allowance to get by in the city. The Oyo team ensured we had all the things we possibly could need to enjoy or summer activity and share about Oyo Rooms for the #Oyoxplorer Activity.

Soon all recharged I ventured out and I have already posted a PhotoDiary of how the evening panned out. The pictures alone remind me of all the fun I had.

Now my #OyoRooms Review

1.     Room Appearance – A clean, cool room welcomed me and I felt fresh immediately after the sweltering sun of the may heat! I started scrutinizing the place, taking random pictures and my first impressions before I got too relaxed. The soft bed was so inviting especially after the evening well spent completing the tasks.

2.     Bathroom & Hygiene – The bathroom was spick and span as was the room. The towels fresh, dry, clean and freshness made relax even better in the room. I love the simple touch of flowers on the window sill. The toiletries bag also had pretty much everything. They could add a toothbrush for forgetful travelers and a shower cap for people like me with long hair.

 3.     Amenities– Even though I did not have much baggage with me I checked out the cupboard and found it fresh, no musty smell here; definite plus from me. The mini-bar, well stocked with drinks and cold water plus room service for anything extra I might think of. The tea bar was fully stocked and I was happy knowing I would not have to call room service at an ungodly hour for teabags. The staff provided me with the Wi-Fi password as soon as I was settled in and double checked things for me. The meeting area had all facilities for an office confrence and meet. The dining room, quaint and cool; well suited for quite meals with loved ones. A fine balance at Oyo Premium, DLF Phase III.

4.     Comfort– The services, stay and my visit was a relaxed one. The Oyo Premium at DLF Phase III is a small, cozy and homely property. The attentive, friendly staff ensures that the best available is offered. Also they do try and provide anything extra since the property is centrally located.

5.     Style– The place was spotless and clean, the linen was fresh as well as the nooks and crannies had been given a good scrubbing. Such cute coaster! I liked the subtle touching and branding, nothing over the top by Oyo. The window offered the view of a quaint little garden patch. The place has a small garden behind the lobby too which is perfect for morning tea and catching up reading. The menu for the room service and was quite impressed with the variety of food offered.  I lounged around for a while, enjoying my free time and getting the feel of the cool room.

6.     Overall Satisfaction – I thoroughly enjoyed my stay, not because I got a breather from the summer holidays 😉 but due to the ease, comfortable, helpful, personalized attitude and attention to detail of the staff at Oyo. Barring one odd minor glitch; my stay was excellent. I am planning a weekend at Oyo rooms soon as I promised my son I will take him to the place in the pictures soon. Yes, he checks my phone 😉

My stay was a pleasant one and I wish for more such idyllic breaks and hope you too book Oyo Rooms for your next outing.

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(Images – my own, collages by PicMonkey)

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