SCREAM @blogarhythm1


The questions that are endless; the discussions that are pointless.
The assumptions that are demented!
The thoughts that are vile.
The views that are skewed and the points that are unfair.
So many thoughts and so many sentences.
All leading to heartburn and heartache, making us ‘food for thought’ and someone’s dinner conversation.
Do I need your opinion, did I ask for it?
Why do we all need to talk so much, discuss so much?
Why not stop the endless ‘what if’  that surround us?
Suffocating like the smog and entangled like weeds.
Can’t see the wise and advice from the gossip and the greed.
All of this just makes me wanna ‘scream’but since I am a ‘lady’ I just nod politely and smile!

Written for the BAR

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