#MomsForABetterWorld with Kindness

I am a firm believer in the power of kindness and karma. I tell my six year old time and again about his actions having reactions. At times I even demonstrated with my own actions that how goodness matters and we need to try our best that our words, deeds and actions do not hurt the people around us.
The words I used are not really mine, they are what my own mother always instilled in us; my brother and I. We both still talk about us being ‘too kind’ or ‘too soft’ at times. Discussing that maybe  we are too soft for this hard and rough world! 
We always end out talk with the thought that being kind has never made us feel bad or had us at a disadvantage. If any thing we are happy with how life deals out its hand and know that each day we might have made the day a little brighter, softer and shiner for some one else.
We might not know who but we know we had a good day. So I pass these thoughts and ideas to my son so there is another human being after his grandma and mom are long gone who is spreading  kindness.
As I say time and again, Life is but a mirror; what you are is what you see. So Keep Smiling, Keep Shining.

When #WomensWeb had started the #MomsForABetterWorld Campaign I had posted our picture and my thoughts. Imagine my surprise when I found myself featured in their video!!

It was a great feeling to say the least 😉 Thank you Women’s Web. Here it is for you to see.

So were you kind today? Kind to yourself, your child, your parent, your friend, your relative – the one who bugs you and the stranger who just crossed your path?

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