TOMS #WithoutShoes without fuss!

A chance reading of a blog post by Parul Kashyap Thakur at her blog galvanized me into action just as the day was coming to an end. I just picked my phone and clicked the pictures of all the available feet in the house.
I just loved the idea that a simple photo of bare feet will provide shoes to a person. So easy, simple and an opportunity to give back to the society so easily.
TOMS is giving away brand new shoes against each picture of bare feet and they have many other community help programs going on.
Just thought to share this with you and remind ourselves that each drop of water, a tiny effort and a small action do matter.
Here are the pictures that I posted, guess which one is me?
So keep at it, results will follow.

#withoutshoes Thank you @parulkashyapthakur for sharing. #TOMS

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