Adieu & Reflections #AtoZChallenge for Incredible Indian Authors

This was the second time I did the challenge and I plan to do it again the next year. But I learnt so much during this month of April that all the toil, sweat and tears (yes, there were a few of those rainy days) were totally worth it.
I wrote a really long reflections post last year but did not follow many of my tricks from last year so this year it is going to be a bit concise.

Only I swear to plan in advance and schedule my posts and put all the 26 posts in drafts with the tweet button well in advance like last year!!  Yes, I am a spur of the moment kind of gal but for this challenge a little pre planning goes a long way. More so if you are busy or shifting your house to another state like I did.

I will be honest with you guys, I still had a couple of posts in my draft folder, just waiting for some copy paste and publish commands after 30 April.  Not because I did not try hard enough but due to no internet or on many days having no time and just plain old fatigue. (I think age is catching up, I am on the wrong side of 30 and pretty close to 40, no excuse but no I feel the need to prioritize even more.) I managed to finish them all by the deadline of 8th May for this reflection post.

On hindsight I think, many of my fellow bloggers were right to point out that it might be difficult to blog daily with a house to unpack. It was extremely tough and I did not make it on many days.

Another pinch I felt was not being able to visit my fellow bloggers and even read their posts, commenting was a distant dream!

Even my weekly post of #SnapYourWeek suffered as I could not post or schedule them. Now I now moving house can really put a spanner in the smooth schedule of my blogging blooms!

Most nights I published my post just before 12 o’clock and shut my laptop. Occasionally I fell asleep on the laptop; luckily it was only my head or else I might not even be typing today!!

Will I not do it if a similar situation arises in future? Of course I will do the A to Z Challenge, only I will prepare better and schedule all my posts. The day you don’t plan in advance is the day all things go wrong.

Of all the authors I featured so many were left out, I know it was not possible to cover them all but I did try that for X and shared many of my favorite authors and TBR list authors as I was totally stumped there. So I almost got my cake and ate it too!! Plus, my readers learnt about so many more authors than the 26 alphabets would have permitted.

I just wish to thank my supporters and fellow bloggers who kept me going and for whom and myself I will finish all my posts – this weekend is my deadline. Each and every comment and motivating word meant the world to me. I will be taking it easy on the blogging front for a while with mostly my ‘really long overdue’ book reviews being the major posts. Majorly I plan to visit all the blogs I missed out and so many new ones that I would have found.

Thank you for visiting and reading and sharing and supporting me. I love you guys. No names as you know who you are 😉

As of right now I have managed to post all the a to z posts and now I am off to finish my book reviews. 🙂

Please visit here for the posts

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