The Wait…..

Another boring, typically socialite evening was staring ahead of her, fumed Kyra. She had long since stopped enjoying the evening of endless parties and dancing. Since the day he had left her and joined the army.  It was just duty and doing right by her family that her here all decked up and effortlessly crushing a few hearts every time she scoffed up at an invite to dance, drinks or chats. He did his duty for his country and she for her parents, both right in their own worlds.

She was bored and a familiar headache was building behind her temples adding to the slow monotonous sadness that had made a place in her heart. She picked the glass of wine from the passing waiter and just as she took a sip, her waist was held is a firm grip and she was twirled onto the dance floor.—2.html

Surprised, her step faltered as her temper flared! How dare someone make her dance without asking her? As she was twirled yet again and she steadied her glass and tried to look back to see the man, a whiff of a familiar scent intoxicated her senses and had the long forgotten yet familiar effect. She caught a glance and he held her back to his chest, a sizzling awareness passing through her body as she relaxed against the familiar contours of the rock solid body of the man.

Her mind knew, her heart sang, her body recognized, her thoughts realized that her wish had finally come true!!

He had returned for no other man could dance to her rhythm, his sweet, breath familiar against her ear as the possessive words he uttered, “You are forever mine Kyra!” brought the spring back!!

She smiled and the Tango started.
This post is for THE BOOK CLUB Picture Writing Prompt -2 

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