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“This post is my expression of style for the ‘A Style Of My Own’ blogger contest by Women’s Web and Trishla emart

The dictionary defines STYLE as ……

The particular way that clothing is made or designed; the way that something is made or done that is typical of a particular group, time, or place.

An attractive or impressive way of behaving or doing something.

The individual way that someone behaves and does things.

But what actually is style? Have you ever thought about it? I am quite sure you have.  We all do; all the time 🙂

I believe style is fluid, 
mercurial and special. 
It is a whimsical, 
alluring and individualistic expression of a person. 
Yes, I often envied many good looking and smart people wondering how I could be more like them. Little did I know many were wondering the same when thinking of me?
Most of our youth is spent trying to find our own sense of style and when we are mature enough to understand style we realize that our style had been evolving and transforming along with us. I remember my brother always teasing me that I was like a big garden no matter when he saw me; as I favored floral prints and bright colors. I took it as a compliment replying to him that at least I reminded him of something good.

Style for me has always been about comfort and soft breathable fabric, clean cuts and simple cuts. Neither do I find myself tempted by the latest designer styles or radical designs and colors. Neon has been quite popular but for the love of god, I can’t figure out that why would someone want to look like a giant lollipop? 

Blindly following the latest trends has never been my style (yep, style is all about what you think.) more so because at 5’ 8” I really can’t follow the style of tiny heroines of bollywood and end up looking like an ill fitted, over stuffed cushion.  

“Fashion fades, 
only style remains the same.”
 – Coco Chanel

My style is wearing something that makes me happy and comfortable whether it is a bespoke embroidered Sari or off the rack cotton top. Yes, I love Saris as much as a well cut trouser! No matter how expensive the cloth or apparel it must be comfortable and fit well. Comfort has been a must for as long as I can remember.

I loathe wearing plains and for my favourite formals, the Sari is the only dress where I like the plain, rich, royal silks for Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh. Of course with a trouser, it has to be plain! Duh!! 
So after I checked out the website for Trishala EMart I was quite excited; they have such fresh shades and colors with beautiful cuts. I already see myself stocking for the summer!
I am a laid back jeans and tee kind of girl, I love summers and the fresh colors, vibrant and resplendent like the spring blooms always lift my spirits. Quite obviously my wardrobe is full of florals and prints. Even though now I favor black due to obvious reason but still colors are my weakness. 
Royal blue, maroon, burgundy, firozi, peach and purple with their myriad shades makes it difficult to choose while shopping. Have’t you had an excess of a single color in your wardrobe? Mine is blue, and purple, hardly any yellow and maybe one pink. I will try to be more adventurous this time but don’t bet on it! 
I follow no one but the hues and shades of comfort and feeling happy and cool in whatever I wear – summer or winter. 😉
What is your sense of style?
Are you joining in with your post?

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