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About Queen Anoshi

Queen Anoshi is a native of Beaufort, S.C. who has the gift of storytelling. She started writing poetry as a young child which provided an outlet for conquering different adversities in her life. It wasn’t until her service in the Army and her first deployment to Bosnia that she began writing short stories as a way to pass time. She felt her writings allowed her imagination to run creating stories of romance, intrigue and suspense.
From that point her love for fictional romance began to expound. She takes her personal experiences with love, heartbreak and finding that special person and uses them as a key element in her creative writings. She believes that nothing can be written without having parts of the writer in it.
Queen Anoshi writes romance novels, both erotic and paranormal. She also writes poems and short stories that relate to the drama of finding and conquering that awesome love. She is ready to share another facet of her imagination with readers in her third novel, Gemini’s Breed.

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About The Book

It was love from the beginning, which has set the course that we are on now. The question now arises: How can one without a heart or soul love enough to put their immortality on the line, for people who would have them dead if the chance was given?
Is it true love covers a multitude of sins? Love can come when you least expect it and it can be a life saver.
Queen Lirit, General Anthony and Protector Serge are Haitian Vampires that have taken an oath to protect humanity from the hands of the “Oralucians.” Along with a rogue Haitian Psychic Netasha Fabien they will fight for us. Will they succeed?
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“The Gemini Breed,” Anthony mumbled, as he sat at the water’s edge in Miami, Florida, with his legs crossed, watching the moon high in the sky. He had just turned 218 years old, as a vampire. He had watched the city change. He felt angry, thinking about the way the psychics, from the beginning of time, had brought nothing but death and destruction.
He had now become the watcher of the city, and was responsible for all the Gemini Breeds and the lesser vampirian breeds, that were there. He was also the high general of the whole vampirian breeds; his breed was made up of the army of protectors. There are many others but that would take forever to explain. We will focus on the highest and oldest, of all breeds; The Gemini’s. They are the elite part of the order. Every vampire bowed to them, for they were the strongest of all vampires. Yes, forget what you have ever heard about vampires; they are not what you think and in the end, you will be glad to have them in your mist.
There is a war for humanity brewing, and depending on who wins everything in this life, will change for the better or for something much worse than you can ever imagine. For as long as life has been on this earth, there has been a fight between good and evil. We read about it every day, we hear about it on the news. But the truth is, what you are hearing doesn’t come close to, what is really happening out there.
The scary thing is that the evil is not what we would expect, any more than the good is what we would hope for either. Believe that nothing we see is ever, what it seems to be. We walk through life, thinking we have it all together, but what do we really know. We have been programmed, to see life, the way we do. We are like puppets on a string, and the species that have come to control us, is driven by money and greed.
The human race believes themselves to be strong, but yet are the weak. Why do we believe, everything we have been told? We have come to embrace, the very thing that harms us, and hate the very things that are there to save us. When we close our eyes, we see beauty in that which is truly ugly, and see ugly in that which is beautiful.
The eyes are the key to everything, and yet we are blinded by them. They are the catalyst, to the fall of the human race. We want to think that we are seeing the bigger picture, when we haven’t even begun to know, we haven’t even begun to see…up until now.
-There is a war on the horizon-

The psychics wish to control humanity for selfish reason, but the vampirian race…The Gemini Breed will do everything in its power, to ensure that we humans survive. They are the elite of all vampires, a covenant that has sworn to an oath, to protect humanity from the evil that has threatened to destroy the world.

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