Endless Freeze!

A sigh escaped from her unnoticed as she sat ruminating and reflecting how life had done a u-turn. She pulled her clothes together, wrapping herself more tightly as she felt the chill; it was everywhere. 

Photos from Alison Corneliusen’s post in The Friendship Page.
 Contributed by Devika Fernando.
All it took was just one touch, just one feel of the lovely ripe, ruby red, soft apple. It was so tempting to find so much beauty in such a simple fruit from Mother Nature! He had offered the apple and she grabbed it greedily munching on its ripe fruit. Its juice was like sweet nectar to her parched throat, she felt.

The apple was just a prelude to other presents that lulled her into believing that he was her guide and friend. A fake blooming spring with long walks, profound conversations and attentive concern for her and her ideas. 

All this led to the day of that picnic to the apple orchard and to the never ending winter. An apple to lure her……how she hated the fruit, the sight, the smell; she could even think of the taste!

A Never Ending Winter; Photo from Pixabay
She was living in the frigid, cold, barren world since the day he had held her against her wishes and soiled her. Hurt her; used and abused her. She hated the never ending winter but saw no escape from it.

The endless white was her fate now; condemned to live a frozen, arctic world. It was just she and her nightmares; clawing, kicking, grabbing and suffocating. All her efforts to come out futile; there was just no escape.

Little did she know then that it was truly the forbidden fruit for her too!

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