Snap Your Week 2

Difficult Choice!

Judging entries for “Mere Fauji Papa/My Father – An Army Man” Drawing Competition.

PS : I apologize for the delay on this week’s post, the fog and sudden travel plans put things in a spin. I am back now and so is my WiFi.

How to  #SnapYourWeek

1.  Take a picture that you feel was the most memorable or influential moment of your week and post it on your blog. Use the hash-tag #SnapYourWeek
2.  Describe the picture in 20 words or less if you wish. No more than 20 words but none if you don’t want to!
3.  Please share the URL to your post by clicking the “add your link” button at the end of this post and filling out the information.
4.  Very significant! Please share the #SnapYourWeek linkup with your blog readers. Share!
5.  Kindly do visit some of the blogs listed in the linkup and comment on their posts.
6.  Do it every week for 52 weeks every Friday.


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