Word Of The Year 2015

The year has just crept away; just when I thought I had time I found out that there was none! Really all of 365 days have gone, do I miss them? Na! Each day was special, each day was unique and each day had its own lesson and reward.
I do not look back but I do remember and forge ahead with hope, faith, belief and dreams. Taking risks and trying my best. I dare to look forward to the New Year.
Blogging had a major role to play in my life this past year and I look ahead with goals and ideas to spruce up my blog and add more to what I do. As the year ends and a new one blooms I see the future as another stepping stone to grow………each year we vow to do things differently, to change ourselves and to improve our lives.  
I too chose to change blossom with my writing. The idea of finding or choosing a word that resonates with my mindset for the year. Working and growing with the idea that this word will help me grow. 
I chose a word for my year #WordOfTheYear as suggested by Laurel. She has been doing it for a couple of years and I found it to be a great idea. A single word that describes the essence and depth of how we choose to live in the year 2015. She has a linky open at her blog and if you want to add your post here.
The word that I have chosen is conviction.

Conviction that I can do what I put my heart to.
Conviction that life is accommodating and supportive.
Conviction that good times and good things are here right now.
Conviction that I am the master of my deeds.
It also means faith, belief, passion, sincerity, assurance, confidence and fervour.

The emphasis is on myself and taking charge. Doing things and learning and growing.

Have you chosen your word of the year yet?
Will you join us with your word?



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