Smile And Keep Writing!

Last when I was blogging a couple of days back, it was for the very interesting and challenging idea of blogging for 7 days on different topics with Write Tribe. I was also reviewing books and spotlighting books & authors for The Book Club.

This post is day _ of  
7 Days to 
Rediscovering Your Blogging Groove

I was doing quite OK for my self, even though I was behind from day 1. Then came the unexpected travel plans with a hectic schedule and the ‘Festival Of Lights’ Diwali. Along came parties, guests and even a Mela! I enjoyed the quality family time we managed to sneak in this packed schedule.

It was all great fun and indulgence but it took a toll on my blogging and book reviews. Right now I am writing my reviews for at least 4 books! More if I can finish reading them. My 7 day blogging exercise went for a toss as well as any sharing and commenting on fellow bloggers.

Even my smart phone was not all that smart as I was bus making calls and charging it so I could make more calls!

I am sad I did not finish my commitments on time and was even reluctant to blog but I manged to shake the lethargy and am crawling back to blogging.

I smile and laugh and make sure I write, laughter making my heart light and writing so much fun!

It is a near miss but I am doing all that I can and I choose to learn from this and hope to  use it to be a better blogger.

  1. I learnt to schedule my posts better.
  2. I learnt to manage my time better.
  3. I learnt to rise from a setback and raise my self and my writing.
  4. I learnt that my true failure would be not trying harder next time I am in a crunch.
  5. I learnt that I am learning from life each and every single day.
  6. I learnt that my mistakes make me wiser.
  7. I learnt to keep moving, keep writing and keep progressing.
I plan to visit all the blogs and posts I missed and if possible write all the posts I  missed; I am writing most of them anyway 🙂 
And I smile my way through this all, I may be sad at times but I know I am sharing something good.
As +Vidya Sury always says,  Did you smile today?
 I know I did! 🙂


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