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The book starts on a very simple note “poems dwell in the possibilities and the impossibilities of the mind” it is never truer than for Collection of Chaos. The poems are an amalgamation of life and love and the endless possibilities.
The author takes us into the real world, the world hidden behind the images we see every day. The poems evokes the images or the truth behind the reality with an uncanny accuracy, she reminds us that life is never black or white. The shaded colors, the different hues and layers of life slowly unfold time and again as you read the poem again and again.
 Word by word the poems tell of tales of love and longing, sharing the sweet yet sublime truth of cupid. So many lines stand out, yet this tugged at my heart for its simple truth.
Your coat in the closet
a single long hair
oddly familiar
Ring on my finger
no longer valid”
The book describes with such depth the helplessness of a mother; the abuse of a woman with so many shades and so many instances.  The poems express the anguish, the sadness and the futility of the sufferer. Tikuli expresses their emotions as if she has undergone each and every one of them.

 The collection is so clear and precise as it describes life and longing, wishing and yearning, so much so that you will wish to revisit the book many times for it is a book for all seasons.

(From the foreword by Kris Saknussemm) As with all the poets I most admire, words are living things for Tikuli. But as you will come to discover, they are never deployed for their own sake. 
She uses them to tell stories. The images, scenes, characters and fragments of visionary empathy that you will find in this book are all rooted in her native India-and yet they reach out far beyond national and cultural boundaries. They do so because they have an interior cohesion of spirit. 
 Her subjects are often the dispossessed, the lost…the abused. There are undercurrents of sorrow and anger. And yet love shines through, even when it seems to be fading away. Above all, there’s a powerful sense of hope at work-a conviction in the redemptive strength of poetry.
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About the Author:
Brought up in Delhi in a family of liberal educationists Tikuli is a mother of two sons. She is also a blogger and author. Some of her short stories and poems have appeared in print and in online journals and literary magazines including Le Zaparougue, MiCROW 8, Troubadour21, The Smoking Book (Poets Wear Prada Press, US), The Enchanting Verses Literary Review, Mnemosyne Literary Journal, Women’s Web.
Some of her print publications include poems in Guntur National Poetry Festival Anthology and much acclaimed Chicken Soup For The Indian Romantic Soul(Westland). Her work has also been featured on websites related to gender issues and child sexual abuse. 
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