#IamDark but Bright

One of the websites that always has a lot of meaningful and interesting discussion and articles is Morsels&Juices .com 
I had the opportunity to post an article on the campagian #IAmDark Here is my post and you can read many more inspiring and interesting articles on the website.

The little baby was wrapped snugly and laid next to her mother, who looked at the miracle and smiled, marveling the beautiful big almond eyes and dark curly mop of hair making the baby look so cute and just perfect. She slowly counted the fingers and toes, looked at the ears and lips; just checking and touching and trying to realize that it was not a dream.

Her wish and dream of the past year and so many years before had come true, her wish had been granted and a perfect, beautiful baby was in her arms. Her baby was as perfect as she had imagined and beautiful as God’s creation.

She remembered the lines that had haunted her through the past nine months of her pregnancy, the moment her mother-in-law (MIL) had come to know that she was expecting a child; her words had been mean and rude. She always tried to put up a brave face, replying to her that how and who the baby turned out to be was beyond her control but it fell to deaf ears.Every day her MIL would say, “If it is a girl then she must be beautiful or else she should not be born!”

Isn’t beauty in the eyes of the beholder? How can one aspect of beauty apply to everyone? She shuddered to think what her MIL would say now as she snuggled her beautiful baby closer.
Her baby was a girl and her MIL was late in coming to see the baby; she wondered if all was well at home? She hesitated as she thought if the birth of a girl had something to do with her MIL being late. She smiled back at to her sister and absentmindedly replied to her silly questions.

Suddenly there were loud noises outside her room and then her MIL was standing beside her bed smiling and looking at the baby. She replied to all the greetings and congratulations from everyone in the room; suddenly everyone was quite ………………. Read the full story at ……………………….morselsandjuices.com

Do share your views on this morbid fascination of people for skin color….have you faced such a problem?
How do you think we can overcome it?
do you ignore it or confront it?

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