My Two Cents’ Worth – Follow Your Heart

The prompt had got me thinking as I had been reading and commenting on blogs since morning and the first page I opened showed bad news for an assignment, the next for a friend and then the posts I read were sad too. People being let down, pulled down and pushed down.

It made me realise that as many as there were the cheery, happiness and love spreading flower children of the 70’s (yes, they exist today too!) we also have amidst us the mean, selfish and conniving persons like a dark shadow, ready to obliterate any thing good.

People who just want to pull you down, belittling any good you achieve. Nothing is good enough! All milestones are too easy. All efforts just not enough; all actions just fall short. I have met a few such persons a few times, I am sure so have you.

My two cents’ worth on this is IGNORE THEM!

We all face the hard times, when things do not go as planned and top it off with negative people all around. Yes, it is difficult and they are so good at their job that it feels futile but try harder still. The most difficult task is not to keep trying but to keep smiling when trying yet again. A mysterious smile is the best revenge from people who love to belittle and nag. 

They say “forgive and forget”; I say never forget but use the incident as a learning experience; remember how it made you feel; frustrated, powerless and incompetent. Learn from it, the feelings and the situation. Be grateful for all that you learnt.

Here I wish to share a book that I found very interesting and true to what many of us feel. 

Do not be put off by the title or let it mislead you. It talks of living a good life. This book talks about happiness and how you need to choose happiness. One needs to want to be happy and it is something we all need to look for. He talks of Happiness from within and from others; to actively pursue being good, happy and making positive choices in life. 

The book talks of the five secrets that can change your life. These are the simple truths of live.
  1. The First Secret : Be true to yourself.
  2. The Second Secret : Leave no regrets.
  3. The Third Secret : Become love.
  4. The Fourth Secret : Live the moment.
  5. The Fifth Secret : Give more than you take.

The book is written in a very simple manner and speaks to you from its heart. The author has  written about the fundamental tenets of good behavior  and empathy. He goes on to explain each chapter in great detail and with interviews from over 200 people.

Beautiful quotes are to be found everywhere in the book  and makes a light, delightful read, in spite of the title.

The book talks of dying but in essence is talking about living well. I have talked about this book here and though I am not a fan of self help books; this one is different and does not preach and try to tell you to improve your self or change yourself.

It simply states that to be happy, look for happiness in all that you already have. Kinda’ easy to do, I think.

Choose to think positive and find happiness in life, let go of regrets and do all the good you can. So tell me are you feeling positive today? Thinking happy thoughts and seeing the beauty in yet another day ?

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