Where Even The Present Is Ancient : BENARAS by Maitreyee B Chowdhury

My love of books has an addition today as I shine the spotlight on POETRY and the Author MAITREYEE B CHOWDHARY. As a member of The Book Club my love for books has got a great boost and today I share a new treasure.
I find an amazing sense of beauty in the lyrical word.  The craft of stringing simple words along the path of beauty; making them sing is an amazing talent and a great experience for the reader. 
I am a believer of learning everyday and embracing new experiences & the poetry by Maitreyee has opened a new vista of reading for me as she talks about Benaras, life and lots more. You will have to wait for my review of her book to know more. Here are the details about the author and her lyrical labor of love.

The Blurb

Where Even the Present is Ancient: Benaras is a book that seeks to tell the little stories that make us who we are. The author believes that Benaras resides in all of us Indians, in some beautiful often-unknown way. 
The author is the Sutradhar, in that she attempts to connect an India that many do not realize exists, in that it is everybody’s story. Radha, Krishna, Ganga, Benaras and Me are all characters in this deluge of poems. This attempt at telling the story of the ancient, of love and of faith is to instill the confidence that poetry exists in all of us, everywhere, all that is needed is to smell its fragrance. 
To those outside India, the book does not seek to be a representation of what India is or was, but a whiff of what it also can be. It is an attempt to ask people to see the little stories that govern all of our lives, stories that we often don’t see, but those that are important. The audience for this book might be strewn across the globe, for faith is not religion-centric, it is people- centric and often without dimensions. 
In poetry there is no beginning, no middle, nor no end. Like faith it is everywhere, it is omnipresent. The book affords no answers, nor no questions, but if you listen and read carefully you will see new things, a new beauty perhaps, one that has been silent so long.


About the Author
Maitreyee B Chowdhury is a web columnist and creative writer. She is author of Reflections on My India, a book of Indian traditions and spirituality in parts. 
Maitreyee is also author of Uttam Kumar and Suchitra Sen- Bengali Cinema’s First Couple and Ichhe Holo Tai, a bilingual muti media presentation of poetry. 
Maitreyee is featured amongst other Indian writers such as Gulzar, Shashi Tharoor and Deepti Naval in an anthology of Indian writers Celebrating India.
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