A Soldier’s Nemesis! #Save8Lives

He was fighting a losing battle, one he thought of defeating every day.

He hoped and inquired every day, hoping that today would be the day he would win.

He would hear the good news that his saviour had died!

Yes, all that he could think of was about people dying.

Of a family who would come to assure him that a member of their family was dead and he would live. The family was giving him the organ he so desperately wanted to for living.

He would think of nothing else – just death.

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All his prayers and all his contacts had come to nothing; he could not find a donor.

He was too weak to search, too poor to bribe & too simple to generate publicity.

He did not know the wilful and shameful ways of people who jumped waiting lists and bribed the doctors.

He did not know how to tell his family to stop expecting him to come back from the hospital.

He did not know how to tell people that they all should pledge to donate their organs.

He did not know how to tell people that he just wanted to live this life where as they had the choice to live beyond their life.

He was just a soldier waiting to defeat death so he could go and face it at the border.

He was a soldier trained to kill the enemy but how could he kill what was killing him from the inside?

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13 August to 20 August 2014
Organ Donation.  A Divine Intervention

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