Five Favorite Blogs You Want To Visit

Blogging is a space where we find something new to read, share and write about every single day.The sheer number of  blogs ensure that we are never short of reading material or friends when we need to share and discuss something.

To choose just 5 blogs that I enjoy visiting is pretty difficult  and in advance I apologise to many others that I have missed.
Here are my top 5 writers as they have more than one blog  😉

Nischala Murthy blogs about a lot things and I found her through the Women’s Web and since visit her blog for some great insights and tips to make my work and personal life better.

Another blog that always surprises me and makes me want to write better and more. I enjoy reading her stories. I found Damyanti through the A to Z Challenge. Her stories  and writing have a different feel and are so edgy that I feel mentally stimulated after reading them. She has two blogs and are devoted to writing.

I found Rubina’s blog also during the A to Z. She loves books as do I and are both of us are totally unapologetic about loving romance! I really liked the vast variety of books she talks about and shares. It is a good place to go and find new books and authors.

Such a young girl and so much to share and write about. ( I know that makes me sound old but its true) Stri writes about a lot that goes on around us but what I like best are the stories she spins. She shares the views of the young generation and puts a lot of spunk into her stories.

The beautiful Beloo talks about beauty and shares her beautiful thoughts through her blog. She always has a fresh take on things and the views are expressed while searching for the goodness in our lives as Beauty truly manifests through her blog.

There are many more blogs and websites many by professional writes and bloggers that are great for value addition to both our personal and professional lives but I that will be another post.
Do visit and enjoy these prolific writers, I know I do. I also want to thank Vidyaand her blogs for sharing smiles and common sense. Corinne for sharing wisdomand fun. Rajlakshmi for her beautiful images and tales helping me visit beautiful places.

This is the Wednesday prompt by Write Tribe

Talk about five blogs you enjoyed visiting over the last two months and why. Share your thoughts about them. Link to them. And let them know so they can come visit you. 

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