Two Year Blog Anniversary!!

Today my blog celebrates 2 years and I am already super excited as I  gear up for the next year.I had started blogging as a whim; someone I knew was doing it so I thought why not me. Little did I know that it would take me on such an extraordinary quest for knowledge, learning and sharing. I have met wonderful and very creative people who have made this journey such a breeze. I had thought it to be just about writing and reading but it is about making friends and sharing a part of you.

Some things that stood out during the past few months were the A to Z Challenge that I participated and completed. (Real Proud) You can know more at 

One thing led to another and the friends I made during the A to Z led me to joining as an extension of blogging and interacting with bloggers but it is so much more. I feel the tribe is haven for all my blogging activities, queries and discussions. It is such a giving group of bloggers that I cannot image my blog where it is today without it. This year has made a tremendous difference to me and my blog.

Post by post I discovered writers and bloggers, reading stories and books; I found a group of book lovers who shared and spread the word about so many versatile authors all around the world.

I joined The Book Club as it seemed the logical progress for a book lover as I see my blog changing and embracing all the new experiences I have. I joined have an amazing time with the authors and ardent book lovers.

Books are my most cherished gift and reading puts me in a good mood no matter what. It is my de-stressor and passion for life. Thanks Dad & Mom for introducing me to books when I did not even know what a book is.

The book club has organised a book giveaway and I am participating as a blogger. You can check it out here : Stay tuned to hear more.

This coming year I intent to blog more about my love of books as well as try my hand at fiction and hope to be a lot more regular in my posts. I plan to live up to the expectations of my readers and fellow bloggers.

An initiative for streamlining my blog is my brand new logo. This one is designed by me from scratch and hope you all like it. I love it but then its my baby so I am biased.

Please do give me your opinion, good and bad. I just love hearing from you all and I reply – always.
Thanks for sharing this trip with me, stick around as the best is yet to come 😉

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