A to Z Adieu or Not.

I am one of the many who are almost on the hour with the posting of their reflection post. Well, such is life; what you want to do the most, also takes the most effort, time and patience. The challenge had been an amazing experience, helping me make new friends, increasing my knowledge on a diverse range of topics and making me realize that I can stick to a goal.
I love the A to Z Challenge!!
I thought that I would not actually be able to write anything meaning full or complete the challenge but I surprised myself on both counts.
I committed to this A to Z Challenge and The Ultimate Blog Challenge and was not sure if I would be able actually write something for 30 days. I am not sure how I came to know about the challenge – I think it was a post or FB; not that it matters. Glad I found it.
The Sunday’s that were off were a booster, a day to relax and catch up on posts and think of new posts. Twice during the challenge I almost posted on Sunday, so additive was the A to Z!
Lessons from A to Z:
·        My theme for the challenge was Women and I am glad I chose a theme and did not write about anything random. I wrote my post on that day so a theme and a topic with the corresponding topic helped. I got stumped half way though!
·        I prepared my 26 draft posts in advance, mentioned the tags, uploaded the alphabet image and the tag line for all the posts in advance.
·        Pre-planning saved a lot of time and helped me write better posts.
·        I wrote many of the words for the corresponding alphabet as soon as inspiration stuck. I had synced my smart phone with my laptop. It helped me publish at least 3-4 posts from the phone and while I was travelling or when Wi-Fi was out.
·        I tried to reply to the comments as soon as possible but still fell off the wagon midway. Need to work on that. Still a lot of comment love left to share.
·        Half way through the challenge my friends (you can read about it here) told me about the apps that help get all my favorite blogs in one place to simplify following them. I added the blogs I liked regardless of the content on my Bloglovin’ app and tried to visit as often as possible. It has made life easy.
·        I was able to be a regular visitor on 4 or 5 blogs only. I randomly visited the rest and plan to continue it through the months of May and June.
·        The challenge helped me to focus on my blogging but I also felt that my freelance writing work was pushed back and neglected at times. I am trying to find the perfect balance of work, blogging and personal life for the challenge next year. Yes, I am doing it again!
·        Allot a time limit for the blog hopping and commenting so you can continue with your normal life too. (some days I sat in front of the laptop all through my waking hours)

I was mighty impressed with the kind of posts that came from you guys and many of them so well timed that they were like the silent supportive friend helping me along to complete the challenge. The others who helped us with their support like +Corinne, +Vidya and +Shailaja need special mention. The face book group, the excel sheets to help us and nudge us in the right direction (trust me, we were a pretty clueless lot), the linky inputs and all the discussions and the absolutely prompt replies to out at times silly queries were life savers.
Thank you guys! All of the organizers and their helpers make the A to Z truly remarkable and a place where good friends are made and not just writing is done.
The one thing that I feel I missed out was not being able to visit all the blogs on the link list at the A to Z challenge website.
Neither the FB page of A to Z had any way of accessing the really, really long linky; like a pinned post nor did the website homepage take me directly to the linky. I have bookmarked the link page but tend to get lost sometime.
Maybe next time the linky could be more visible like a pinned post that +Corinne had for the FB page. It was really helpful for me to connect and link up with others.

The best part………
I wrote the maximum number of posts this month, more than what i had ever written and i was super busy too.
I was looking forward for reading all the posts I missed and then I heard about the A to Z Annual Post Challenge Road Trip !! I am super excited about it.
You can join it too!!

Since my theme was Women; I end my post with a song by Shaggy………..
“Strength Of A Woman”

This one goes out to all my women you know
My strong women,
So amazing how this world was made
I wonder if GOD is a woman
The gift of life astounds me till this day
I give it up for the woman
She’s the constant wind that fills my sail
Oh that woman
With her smile and her style,my
She’ll protect like a child
That’s a woman
She’ll put a smile upon your face
And take you to that (ah) higher place
So don’t you under estimate
The strength of a woman
The strength of a woman
Woke up this morning
I got up with the scent of a woman
Just picture if you could what life would be
Ain’t much good without a woman
She can nag and be a constant pain
Oh that woman
But those hips she’s got me whipped
And it’s just to hard to resist
What a woman
Ugh, hey

Tender lips that’s so so sweet
Gentle words she softly speaks
Such an angel when we need
GOD bless the ground beneath her feet
She can take you on a high
Be your comfort when you cry
But if you look into her eyes
You’ll see the strength of a woman
Strength of a woman.

Through the month of April I wrote  along with over 2000 participants for the A to Z Challenge and the Ultimate Blog Challenge. My theme for the Alphabet Challenge was WOMEN. Their multi-dimensional, multi-talented, multi-tasking avatars. The good, the bad and the ugly; everything you wanted to find out about women and what makes them tick!! 

Post for the A to Z Challenge & UBC

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