You Are Going To Make It!

The whole day in fact the whole week I had been pondering over what to write about the letter Y to no avail.

Should I write about how women always say Yes to whatever they are told?
Nope, already covered it in alphabet N.

Yet again after a full day as I sat to write I thought about how much women like to talk, “Yakity, Yakity Yak all day long – at least that is what men have to say but NO!! It is not true men talk as much at least some men I know do!

On an impulse I opened the Facebook app on my phone and there it was!
The idea came from Tina at the A to Z challenge!!
Thank you Tina.
Thanks Tina!!
What I wanted to convey to all my fellow women, what I had tried to speak about and share…….

In spite of all the hardships, inequality, troubles and obstacles in your path – you are going to make it!
In spite of the cards stacked against equality, and awareness, you are going to make it.

Step by step, day by day you are getting closer to your goals and ambitions.

Bit by bit, drop by drop you are achieving your aim.
Do not give up and never stop trying.
Yes, You are going to make it.
The world is yours to grab, just believe in yourself and your dreams, you are going to make it.
Through the month of April I am writing  along with over 2000 participants for the A to Z Challenge and the Ultimate Blog Challenge. My theme for the Alphabet Challenge is WOMEN. Their multi-dimensional, multi-talented, multi-tasking  avatars. The good, the bad and the ugly; everything you wanted to find out about women and what makes them tick!! 

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