As individuals aspiring for ‘good taste’ we have a very deep affiliation with all things foreign. Be it clothes, products, sightseeing and even people. We might like any good deal in our own country but imported stuff – My! Oh! My! That is manna from heaven.
Bags, shoes, clothes, cars, toys, electronics, you name a thing and we say the imported version is better. Even if it is priced at a rate at which a small village can be fed for a couple of days – it doesn’t matter.
It is not restricted to just women; even men are a victim of Xenomania.
Xen`o*ma”ni*a\, n. [Gr. xe`nos strange + E. mania.] 
A mania for,
Or an inordinate attachment to,
Foreign customs, institutions, manners, fashions, etc.
Is it the left over influence of the British Raj or the hangover of being servants to the monarchy that we still hanker after “Made in…….” stuff?
Where do women come in all of this?
We are the major consumer in any household, having an influence upon any purchase being made.
We women can support any product or brand or nation and decide whether or not to purchase or promote a product of an outside nation or your own country.
Our own artisans and crafts might be dying a slow death due to apathy but the ladies will drool over embroidery by a hostile neighbor!
The amazing handicrafts and breath taking tapestries, there is such a huge reservoir of talent within the nation yet we all look outward in search for the most exclusive and amazing ‘next big thing’.
It is a woman prerogative to shop, shopping from who she likes and what she likes but let’s not turn it into an imported obsession.
Yes, buying products and services from within your own country will help your own nation.

Yes, it will boost the industry and provide benefits for those who really need it.

And the next time you plan your exotic vacation you can flaunt your home made goodies for others to buy foreign stuff for themselves.
Did you buy anything local today?
Do you shop for the ethnic stuff today?
Will you promote your indigenous products to others; the world over?

 Through the month of April I am writing  along with over 2000 participants for the A to Z Challenge and the Ultimate Blog Challenge. My theme for the Alphabet Challenge is WOMEN. Their multi-dimensional, multi-talented, multi-tasking avatars. The good, the bad and the ugly; everything you wanted to find out about women and what makes them tick!!  

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