Politics is a word that is generally not used in very flattering terms even though we have had very strong and popular women leaders. Margaret Thatcher, Hillary Clinton, Indira Gandhi to name a few of the ladies that have set the bar really high.

 All women love the intrigue, suspense and drama that go with politics but when it comes to actually vote and make a difference in the political arena; they shy away.

Maybe if all of us go and cast our vote every time there is a chance and enjoy all the real political drama rather than the make believe one.
In India we are going through the elections and everywhere women and men are being extolled to join in and cast their vote. Women in India are the silent strength that can change the future of the nation if they decide to vote, even if they follow their spouses.

What I wonder is that why do so many women choose to ignore the politics of the nation, turn a deaf ear to the various leaders and all those who run awareness campaigns to urge the women to vote?

Why do well educated women decide that it is not important enough to vote but they must not miss out on their doze of the family politics or the unending confusing family dramas and soap operas? It can actually help them achieve all the change they aspire to bring in our society.
I have friends who have sited flimsy excuses for not voting; the kind a child will laugh at!

I also have friends who have proudly shared their inked fingers and urged others to vote.

What is it that doesn’t interest a woman to vote?

Women need to realize the power they hold and to utilize it for their betterment.
Safer cities,
Cleaner cities,
Better facilities,
More opportunities,
Unbiased representation,
Stringent laws,
And so much more

All of it is in their grasp by just applying a spot of ink for once instead of the nail polish they apply every time.

Did you go and vote?
Are you going to vote this time?
Do you have your voter’s card?

Through the month of April I am writing  along with over 2000 participants for the A to Z Challenge and the Ultimate Blog Challenge. My theme for the Alphabet Challenge is WOMEN. Their multi-dimensional, multi-talented, multi-tasking avatars. The good, the bad and the ugly; everything you wanted to find out about women and what makes them tick!!  

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