Pine Away But Why?

Through the month of April I am writing  along with over 2000 participants for the A to Z Challenge and the Ultimate Blog Challenge.
My theme for the Alphabet Challenge is WOMEN. Her multi-dimensional, multi-talented, multi-tasking  avatars. The good, the bad and the ugly; every thing you wanted to find out about women and what makes them tick!!
Infatuated, obsessed, yearning and longing for someone or something that is unattainable or no longer present.
To pine away is wasting your life and time for people and places long gone.

Lover who left you, fiance’ who jilted you, the boss that used you, the family that did not support you; all these and so many more shades of love that we lost yet we still hope that someday we might get them back.

It is like living in a fool’s paradise; trying to live in a make believe world and thinking it is the real deal.

Yes, you got a raw deal, you were insulted and humiliated but letting go will not only empower you, it will make your life happier.

So many women hang on to doomed relationships thinking that one day all of it will change and they will find their rainbow at the end of the dark cloud.
The only way it is possible is if they shed their old, stagnant emotions and just let go. Abusive partners and indifferent lovers all put a big dent in our self esteem but walking away is the best thing to do.

Forget them and begin to heal.
Have you ever pined for anyone?

Did you help a friend get over a bad relationship?

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