L for Lots of…………..

The “L” alphabet made me think of love, life, longing, lavish, limits and much, much more. It got me thinking why restrict myself to a single word. We women are such mysterious creatures that some change and surprise goes with the territory.

Today I write about the mundane and magical words starting with ‘L’ and how they are perceived with a women or from a women’s point of view. 

LIFE has a way of turning out like we never expected but still manages to delight us.

LOVE is the life blood of our mundane and extra ordinary lives. We think we don’t need it but still yearn for it.
Women are god’s messengers for spreading love all around, just as he made mothers in his image, he made their hearts full of love.

LUST after things, it will give you the push, the impetus to go and achieve more than you ever thought possible.

LATE always, every time & everywhere. No matter what the occasion it is fashionable and preferred by women to be late. I wonder why the women think that it makes them more desirable???

LONGING- yearning, pining away things, people, places and incidents long gone. I will be sharing more on this one later.

LAVISH parties, styles and lives. We try and do everything better than what has been done earlier by our friends and relatives. The need to be one up over the others is the need that drives us. The better hairstyle, shoes, bags designer stuff even the home decor

LIMITS are set for us right from birth and they follow us. Let us go beyond what is set and push the limits, just fly and soar.

LIKE the little things you do and do the things you like. Life is simpler that way. Forcing yourself to just adjust with life is something that we must stop doing.

Do you do any of these “L” things?
Have confronted your fears and forced yourself to move ahead of the expected.

Are you ready to soar and LAUNCH into the unknown?

Written for these two challenges:-
#A to Z challenge
#Ultimate Blog Challenge 

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