Kids are an integral part of all our lives, whether they we have our own or we are close to someone else’s. You immerse your life in them, immerse yourself but have a life beyond them too.

Women tend to forget everything in their passion for kids. Husbands and their little demands over ruled.
The house and even self is the last priority.
Children become your whole world.
If I go out somewhere, the kid will suffer.
If I party, the kid will be neglected.
If I have a dinner date with my husband, the kid will feel left out.
Kids, kids, kids – all the time. And if by some miracle you do manage to get out, you talk and discuss them and their cute and not so cute antics.
If you have them please don’t live, breadth, eat, talk
children, do learn of things beyond them too.
If you have them, please don’t flaunt them in the face of others.
If you don’t have them, don’t think all kids are monsters – some of them are naughty little demons but it is generally due to the upbringing; they were not born that way.
If you meet a lady and she does not have kids, please don’t pity them and launch in to a lecture of ways and means of the birds and bees unless she asks you for it.
If you meet someone who has nothing to say to your child, accept it and move on; don’t try and convert them on the merits of having children.
Ladies please you have done the greatest possible and most noble gesture of having a child but please, please don’t force them on everyone else. Some of them are not even interested.

Talk of about yourself, your life, your goals and aspirations; I know, I know the conversation will roll right back to children but it will be peppered with some pretty interesting stuff.

Kids and children are an amazing gift but do  not forget yourself while nurturing them; after all if your don’t grow how will you groom your kids?

How often do you do some thing with out your kids?
Do you unwind with out them?

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