Women the world over are all individual dynamos of talent, creativity, artistry and well just about everything.Whatever a man can do; a woman can do equally well.

Why then do I find myself penning these lines that I think women are a jealous lot!
Successful or not, talented or not, culinary queen or kitchen disaster, accomplished or just getting by; they tend to be jealous and vindictive. Maybe I have not been meeting the right kind of women – no I don’t think so.
Women in general tend to not share their secret shortcuts, time saving tips, efficient techniques or nifty knacks.

Someone asks for a recipe, they miss an ingredient or a step – she must not make it better than me.

Someone appreciates your dress or clothes, you tell them you can’t remember the shop or that where is it from – come-on! You are two different individuals; even if you dressed as twins you would still be different.

Someone appreciates your file or presentation – you, well you get the picture.
Right from wrong addresses, missing stuff, incomplete details to hiding information so you are the only one who shines; women have done it all.
Am I looking at the glass half full?
Is there another side to this view?
No, I am not because I have had the good luck to meet many amazing and special women who believe in sharing and spreading knowledge without feeling threatened.

They share knowing full well that someone might do it better than them, may become an expert and out shine them. But is it not about growth and the need to continuously improve oneself?

If I want to do it, you want to do it; then why should not everyone else?
Why do then women indulge in such petty behavior and yes, men do it too!
Is it really that difficult for a person to be confident and successful and not be threatened by those who wish to emulate you?

Do you hesitate and think how your tips and tricks might be used against you?
Share with me whether your help which backfired in your face or has it been smooth sailing all along?

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