As the day dawned bright and clear, I got busy with the rush to get my little Z ready in time for school – believe me he does not cooperate!
I drove back from his school with a hundred small and big things crossing my mind, the traffic least of my worries. I got home and dove right in the pile of clothes sorting them and dumping them; moved to the kitchen and room to room all the while grabbing a bite here and there.

Already on my third cup of tea I realized that the better part of the morning had gone by post for the day wasn’t up.What am I writing about today? I ruminated about husbands, home and hearth and I thought of writing of the thing that makes it all possible.

Yes, it is the lady but more important is that it needs to be a healthy lady!! And if you read through the opening paragraph again you will realize I did not get time for exercise today but before the day is up I usually do at least run around in the garden with Z for fun.
For me H is always for HEALTH.

Everything revolves around a healthy life and it is possible with a healthy lifestyle. A house will run smoothly only for as long as the lady of the house is healthy. An office will excel only till the employees are fit.
All of us lead very busy and hectic lives but we need to take time out for our health even if it is for a 20 min walk or a mini yoga session or something longer.
Health is important is a lesson I learnt when my baby was just 3 months old, If I don’t look after myself and I am run down or sick, who will look after him and my hubby and home?
How will you work supercharged for that super important assignment in office?
How will I enjoy all the fantastic things life has to offer if I am always feeling run down?

So many H’s but all connected with the most vital – HEALTH.

Do take your Vitamin D test, breast exam, Pap smear and regular yearly exams & of course don’t forget to follow up on the Doc’s advice.
So ladies remember to take time out for the “Me Time” and stay healthy.
As I always end my wishes – Health and Happiness Always.

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