Continuing from where I had left yesterday I share with you another word that is ingrained deep in the psyche of a woman.

Guilt is one emotion which all of us; men and women have experienced some time or other but the champions of guilt-tripping are women.

Here I do not talk of feeling guilty when you have made a mistake but when you did something for your own pleasure.
Men are maybe wired differently because I just see them actively searching out avenues of pleasure, comfort and enjoying themselves.

Women on the other hand have their responsibilities, work, home, family, life and everything else over writing their zones of pleasure, entertainment and fun.
If ever, god forbid they indulge themselves they blame themselves for being an unfit mother, wife or home maker. The guilt that follows ensures that they do not repeat that act of pleasure again for a long time.
In today’s world of nuclear families even if the wife needs to go to the beauty parlor for some basic pampering or to her kitty party or just an outing with friends. She leaves the kid with a willing but reluctant husband but she suffers gigantic bouts of guilt.
a)   I left the baby alone! – No, the baby is not alone, he is with his father!!
b)   My husband is looking after the baby in his time of relaxing. – It is his kid too and it will lead to bonding for them.
c)   Do I really need to indulge myself; I am quite ok as I am. – All ladies can do with a little indulgence.
d)   My poor hubby/ kid, how will they manage a few hours without me? – Trust me they will and can, at least give them a chance!
e)   My hubby is so clueless he will get into trouble. – Duh!! No one was born efficient; he too will learn, improvise or manage after all he does manage fine in his “office”.
So ladies, hope I got all your excuses that stop you from meeting friends, working out, partying, shopping indulgences and beauty treatments.
If you feel good about yourself then everything and everyone around you basks in that warm glow too.  Stop guilt-tripping yourself and to enjoy, relax and savor you mini or mega time outs.
Another “G” that I endorse is GOLD; little trinkets reminding you of beautiful memories, happy days and stylish too.( An investment to boot!)
So, don’t forget to indulge.
A happy lady leads to happiness all around; so go and take a break!
Your family will value you more; their hugs when you get back will say it all.
The dishes and dustbins will be right here waiting for you – I promise;)

But remember not to feel guilty when you see them, just be happy.

I am not feeling guilty today are you?

This my post for the “G” Alphabet for the A to Z Challenge and the Ultimate Blog Challenge. Click on the links to read about all the amazing wordsmiths I have met on this incredible journey!

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