Be candid and decide……. 

Does the daily routine bore you to tears?

Do always find yourself day dreaming about exotic places to visit?

Do you think that everything would fall apart if you stopped to relax for an hour?
When was the last time you sat back and did absolutely nothing – without feeling guilty about it?

Do you remember the last time you called your BFF and actually chatted with her/him?

When was the last time you indulged yourself and bought something or did something that you loved and enjoyed?

Have you done anything about your hobby in the past few years?

If you have answered yes to any one of the questions then you are suffering from a lack of fun and friends!!
Don’t get me wrong; I understand you are a busy mother, working woman, daughter-in-law or just a busy lady but do you remember that before all these you are just a woman, just a girl & just a lady?
It is easy to for me say but difficult to do still you must take time out for yourself.

It makes it easier for you to enjoy the rest of the time and you can vent to your friends – whom you managed to keep and they will be your sounding boards for everything. Another bonus!!
Life is fun, fruitful and fantastic with friends.
I leave you with my mother’s favorite lines of which she reminds me often.
Yes, even I got more than one yes 😉

What about you?

Poem By Rose Milligan.

This is my post for #A to Z Challenge and for the #Ultimate Blog Challenge. Click on the links and read about my amazing fellow bloggers – you will be enriched.


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