Women cannot think of any way by which they may be able to control their emotions. They laugh, cry, be happy and sad, scream, rave and rant, coo and cuddle as they see fit.
Is it a good thing? 
I like to think so, but the down side is everyone calls them too emotional. It is often heard that they should strengthen themselves and be more practical. Crying at a drop of a hat!
I think not; I just want to be who I am and if it makes me weak in the eyes of others I don’t care. 
Let’s just channel the emotions and sensitivity into achieving more in life & work.
Being emotional makes us women passionate about all things and we can focus our heart and soul into everything that we do.
So I only do the things I am really emotional/ passionate about.
Yes, women are emotional and that what makes this world a softer more lovable place.
Emotions = Empathy and the world needs a lot of it.
Are you an Emotional Enigma or a Practical Player?


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