This is the third post for April #AtoZChallenge and UCB but I promise friends things will brighten up but today we ruminate yet again.
I chose color as my word today because the word Google gave me was even worse. Go type C words for women and find out. (Hint- it’s a four letter word)

A woman and color are so intertwined that it is impossible to see where one ends and the other begins.

A birth of a girl and the first question it raises is that of her color.
Is she fair?
Is her color light?
The question is from a member of a family that looks like they walked out of a coal mine!!
Does anybody look at a baby boy and ask similar questions? Do they ask?
Is he intelligent?
Is he honest?
Is he trust worthy?
Does his color ever matter?
We have idolized the color in men TDH – tall dark and handsome…. Is there a similar acronym for women? Do tell, please?
Why must a girl be held accountable for things she has no control over?
How does her color ever matter in her being a good human being?
Have you ever faced this prejudice?
I have but in a different way, when well-wishers come up to me and say “You were fairer earlier, now you get too much sun”. Meaning I am much darker now, Duh! Does it matter!!
Shouldn’t they be saying, “You are much more intelligent now, than earlier?”
I would like that, wouldn’t you?

This post is a part of my Amazing April where I have participated in the #AtoZChallenge and #Ultimate blog challenge(#blogboost)

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