For the day two of #AtoZChallenge I use two ‘B’ words;)
 A woman walks the path of glory, following her heart. She is an achiever but is she appreciated just for her achievements?
 I use both beauty and brains because they are in a constant battle within a woman as well as around her.  

Beauty and Brains fight for superiority during her birth, childhood, youth, work, life, marriage and family.

Whatever she does or whoever she meets, these are the two sides of the coin that judge her and taut her. Forcing her to choose one, laying significance on one or the other.

Heaven forbid if she is not naturally beautiful, she must then put her nose to the grindstone and WORK! No other option for her, you she…..she is not pretty enough.

Should we even justify that statement with an answer? Unfortunately, it is spoken by family most of the time…….so called well wishers.
Recently I came across an article about pictures of a famous world leader(we all can guess)…..….pictures of her young days, how her hair was longer and she was prettier. There was a discussion going on about it, I did not even read what the article was actually about, just the headline was enough to put me off.
If she is a beauty then she must be a dumb one!
If she is so brainy that her intelligence shines then it must be her beauty that let her have the easy road to success.

Can a woman ever be just a woman who is not judged by how they are but what they are?
Why must a woman always sacrifice either beauty or brains?

The world is full of brainy, beautiful accomplished women who can outshine scores of men but still we search for a reason behind every accomplishment and intelligence behind every thought.
Will a man ever be judged just for his looks and preferred as a partner because “ He is beautiful”!?

Which would you prefer to be associated with?

Do you think a woman’s beauty defines her?
Then what about her intelligence?

This post has been written for the #A to Z Challenge and #Ultimate Blog Challenge.


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