A is for ALONE

This post is a part of the A to Z Challenge and I had revealed that I would be  writing about women. Here I will be sharing about the issues of topics I feel are good or bad in a Women’s World. It starts with  ‘A’.

Aloneis the word that I associate in a negative way with women. In today’s world women hesitate to venture out, whether day or night.

She is so because she is lonely, solitary and alone.

She is alone because everyone talks of women empowerment and changing the environment but not changing themselves.
They are so afraid to be alone that they even go to washrooms or ‘to powder their nose’ in pairs.  

Do men ever say to their friend to accompany them to the toilet? 

She is alone and she stays alone, fighting, campaigning, sharing, questioning and finding answers – All Alone!
They are alone in their fight for equal right, for sterner punishments for rape, physical / domestic violence and generally every where they want to take a stand.

What is it that makes a woman hesitate to travel alone?

Walk alone? Stay alone or single? Eat out alone or even try and shop alone?
Alone is not something that any woman wants to be associated with; here I do not talk of those who stand out in their chosen path or endeavor.

Every lady whether she is young or old, single, married or divorced is alone at some point in her life and her decisions.

Not those ladies who have made a difference but those unnamed millions who do not have a voice or a choice. There are very few women I know who can actually do any of the above mentioned things aloneas well as many more than I have not been able to mention.

Will I ever see the day when a woman will be happy when she is Alone?

Will I ever see the day when a woman will want to be Alone?

This post has been written for the #A to Z Challenge and #Ultimate Blog Challenge.

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