10 #Men to Avoid!

10 Men Whom Women Should Run From!!!

Women have a great sixth sense that helps them not get into trouble. To boost that wisdom we must also look out for the subtle signs that men give out, especially those who are trouble with a capital T.

Here I give you 10 men to be avoided even if these MEN are like sinful chocolate offering great temptation.
I start with the obvious one and easiest to find.

1. The Mamma’s Baby – Need I say more? If he is all about his mom, when will you be on the top of his list, not any time soon? Also the constant comparison will eventually wear you down, trying to impress him and his mom.

2. The Addicted/Needy – He is like a junkie who will always cling to you, making up excuses for his constant demands and issues. How much will you be willing to sacrifice in order to meet his demands?

3. The Heartbroken/Rebound – He is the man who has not yet fully gotten out of his ex and jumps into a new relationship. Thinking he can continue on the same footing where the old one left.

4. The Controller – He is the one who takes all decisions right from deciding where to go, what to eat and even when you must say or do something. You are his puppet and soon he will be controlling your whole life.

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5. The Commitment Phobic or Just Friends’ – He believes in having a good time and all the benefits minus the commitment.  It is always ‘helping a friend’ and never ‘loving a friend’ for him.

6. The Bad/Rude/Arrogant Man – He is the one at a party who will be mean and misbehave with everyone around. He will treat you too like someone beneath him. Steer clear of him because you will not just loose love but your self-esteem too.

7. The Boring/Routine/Predictable One – He is the one who follows the same drill every day. Nothing is special, no surprises are planned and he never tries to do anything differently or spontaneously.


Crowd of men
8. The Freeloader/Cheap/No Money One – He takes you out on a date and chooses the cheapest items on the menu or asks you to pitch in your share or takes you to the cheapest store for shopping. Pinching pennies even when he is trying to impress you, what will happen when he has you?

9. The Judgmental/Always Right/ Arguer – He is the one who always wants the upper hand in every conversation and the last word in every conversation. He tells you what to wear, how to stand and what not to eat, correcting you and measuring you all the time. How much pressure can you take?

10. Instant Love – He saw you and was immediately smitten; he thinks he just woke up to your love and has never seen such a beauty. Too good to be true – yes, I agree! As fast as he fell in love, faster will he fall out of it.


Men may come in all shapes and sizes so do their problems, choose wisely and have a fruitful relationship.

Which of these men have you encountered?
Which of these 10 men broke your heart?


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